Guiding you towards better, more beautiful movements;
a healthier lifestyle;
and a brighter smile.

“FOOTMARK BASEWEAR” has been designed to form to your body, not cling,
and feel gentle on your skin with a premier supima cotton blend material.
The BASEWEAR allows for effortless and beautiful movements, letting you be you.
Try it out in place of regular innerwear to find out the difference for yourself.

Beautiful, dexterous movement

Stand beautifully

The ideal stance is to pull in your chin and line up your ears, shoulders, hips, front of your knees, and ankles. This BASEWEAR straightens your spine and makes your waist and lower half feel supported, allowing for a more beautiful standing stance.

Walk well

Focus on keeping a straight back, swinging your upper arms to gently move your spine, raise your knees high and take large strides. This BASEWEAR encourages your knees to face in the correct direction, making them easier to lift, and helps you to feel the connection between your upper and lower body. A good way of walking day-to-day can lead to a healthy body.

Movement with little burden

If you try the arm exercises depicted in the diagram, you can go about your day without fear of shoulder pain. You can expect your arms to feel lighter, to become conscious of the way your shoulder blades and upper arms move, and to be less prone to pain or injury, thanks to the leading line.

Support your body

Bend your knees to crouch, straighten your back, and lift yourself up from the hips with your whole lower body. Do this and you will experience less lower back pain. The leading line will make your pelvic area feel more secure and support your knee bends and extensions.